Ramadhan is a school of eeman and a ‘stop to recharge one’s spiritual batteries’ to acquire one’s provision for the rest of the year. For when will one take a lesson and change for better if not in the month of Ramadan?

The noble month is a true school of transformation in which we change our actions, habits and manners that are in variance with the Law of Allah ‘azza wa jall. Allah says in Quran: Verily, He does not change the condition of a people until they change their way of life.

If you are from those who benefited from Ramadhan, fulfilled the requirements of taqwa, truly fasted the month, prayed in it with truthfulness, and strove against your soul, then praise and thank Allah, and ask HIM for steadfastness upon it until we return to our Creator.

Be not like one who has sawn a shirt and then destroyed it. Have you seen one who sewed a shirt or thawb, so when he or she looked at it, he/she liked it. Then he/she destroyed it pulling a thread by thread for no reason?

What would people say about such a person?! Or have you seen one who earns a fortune trading throughout the day, then when the night comes, he throws away all that he earned. What would people say about such a person?! This is the condition of one who returns to sinning and evil doing after Ramadhan and leaves obedience and righteous actions. So after he was favored with the blessing of obedience and enjoyment of communicating with Allah he returned to the blaze of sins and evil actions. How evil are the people who know Allah only in Ramadhan! Ramadhan is only a day or less left please sincerely make dua for Allah to guide you throughout the year without returning to our bad habits.

We ask Allah to protect us from such ignorance and hypocrisy. Aameen. We beg Allah to have mercy on Muslims been butchered in Palestine, Burma, Iraq, Central Africa Republic, Kashmir and any part on earth. May Allah ease their suffering and grant us victory over the kuffar. May Allah grant all our single brothers and sisters pious partners and protect our marriages from any satanic influences. May Allah unite this ummah upon haqq (rightfulness) as HE did to the Salaf(predecessors of the prophet). Aameen. Let’s strive to follow the footsteps of the Salaf bcs Allah was please with them and they were pleased with Allah and His Messenger. May Allah grant us successful end of Ramadan. Aameen.