A Beautiful Islamic Story

“Once upon a time a Jewish Man came to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , he said that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ I will get imaan on your studies and will accept Islam but I want that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ you take this seed of Date from me ,put this seed under mud and give water to it and in one day it get grow upto whole tree of dates and even in 24 hours it start giving fruit(Dates).
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ agreed and gotup and went to some mud place with that jewish man. There Prophet Muhammad ﷺ putted seed under mud then covered and then gave water to it then Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did Dua and then came back.
In Evening , that jewish man alone gone to that place where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ put seed and did all procedure. So then that 《Jewish man took out that seed from mud》, he did this because he wanted that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ get lose and he can easily say that I cant accept islam because tree of dates didnt growup and nothing else happened as I wished.
So next day Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and that jewish man gone to that place to check the result ,as both came to check, that jewish man got much Shocked after seeing that there was a tree of

dates with fruit(dates) on that tree,because according to him he took out out seed yesterday evening .then how this happened??? Where seed gone? Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said ” you took out seed in evening so now there is no seed but there is a tree with dates as you wished”

This all hapened with the order of Allah a Miracle . When they took date from tree to eat so that dates had no seed so after all this Jewish man accepted islam with pure heart
Since that moment, as I asked from my grandmom who actually read this all moment in some islamic book, there are dates in saudia arabia available in market with no seed in them and also as I heard that trees are still there in saudia arabia.
Allah pleasee forgive me if i

missed even a word detail or added some wrong or did mistakes while sharing all this moment. But i love to share these moments with all .May Allah bless all of us Ameen.