Two types of people

I have seen two types of people,
those who are concerned with their own faith, and those who are concerned with everyone else’s faith.

The first group strives to find out ways of getting himself and others into Jannah, while the latter strives to prove that others are doomed to the Hellfire.

The first tries to find excuses for others, so he can forgive them their shortcomings, while the latter actively searches for others’ slips, so he can criticize or punish.

The first concentrates on finding solutions, while the other focuses on others’ mistakes and their consequences.

The first cares about teaching people and encourages them to do righteous deeds, while the latter simply warns them of the evils of innovation leaving them without knowledge or action.

The first sees good in people and is optimistic with them, while the other sees the bad in people and expects nothing from them.

The first loves life and people and is loved in return. The latter fears people and keeps away from them earning their disregard.

The first advises while the latter embarrasses.

The first hides others’ faults and showcases their good qualities, while the latter forgets the good done for him and speaks openly about the faults of others.

The first brings out the best in you, while the other brings out the worst in you.

Be among the first and be in their company, and be careful not to be among the latter.